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#1 Real Estate Team in Wellington City - Harcourts Johnsonville

Licensed REAA 2008

Hello & Welcome to Team YIP!

We are the #1 Harcourts Real Estate Team in Wellington City & Northern Suburbs! We are an award winning team of 9 with the resources and ability to deliver an exceptional experience.

We achieved a 100% Success rate in 2015 & 2016! It is our business not to let our clients down!

We offer the most comprehensive range of services that ensures your house will fetch the highest possible price in the market place. Great thing... most of this is FREE!

We have been fortunate enough to have lots of happy clients all over Wellington. We've even picked up a whole raft of awards along the way. We have the resources and ability to deliver an exceptional real estate experience.

Team YIP is a cooperation of 6 licensed agents, and 3 support staff, we are also one of the few teams in Wellington which targets the premium overseas / Asian Buyer Market!


Do we sell Plaster Homes?

Absolutely, we have specialist skills in selling monolithic / stucko / plaster homes - call us for a special chat about your needs. We have even helped people recover a lot of equity via their 'Leaky home' issues as well!

Latest Testimonial:

I trust Team YIP. I have been involved in over 20 sales with William and his team, and what I can advise you, is that he puts his vendors first, each and every time. Not only that, he is smart and knowledgable, and always up to date. He is up early, and up late, doing what it takes to bring a buyer to your home. What I also respect about him, is that he has built a team of sharp and professional people around him, and he is happy for them to shine. I would let him sell my mothers house, and know, I do not have to worry.

- Mike

------------- Did you know? -----------------

We also offer an in-house presentation and house dressing service – FREE of charge!


We sell homes in the Northern Suburbs, Churton Park, Newlands, Broadmeadows, Johnsonville, Woodridge, Grenada Village and also all over Wellington City!

Buying and Selling is not a stressful process - We are have a range of skills / expertise that make things very easy for you!

Team YIP offer you a complete experience and service that exceeds any expectations. We are also skilled in photography, video production, interior staging, baby holding, cat/dog patting, graphic design and much, much more.

And generally.... we're a great bunch of people to deal with too!

If you are looking for exceptional service & trust - We get it and we got it!

Don't gamble with your biggest asset! Work with the very best!


Video Testimonials available on our Facebook Page:


Another recent written Testimonial:

"We recently sold our house through agent William Yip from Harcourts Real Estate and if you are buying or selling property we would highly recommend them to you! We had a fantastic experience and what really stood out to us the most were William and his team's communication with us, followed closely by his knack for making us feel that they were doing all they could to represent our wishes. We liked their straight up approach as we knew where we stood rather than wondering if it were "sales talk". Their positive attitude to see things through to completion were excellent. As a result we would fully endorse Agents William Yip and Team YIP and their approach to business, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy or sell....thank you from the bottom of our hearts n best of luck for your future..."

Our Recent Sales!

79 Fraser Ave, Johnsonville, SOLD
28 Melksham Dr, Churton Park , SOLD
7a Kerr Grove, Johnsonville, SOLD
22 Jane Grove, Paparangi, SOLD
29 London Road, Korokoro, SOLD
21 Quigley St, Paparangi, SOLD
50 Woodridge Drive, Woodridge, SOLD
63 Ruskin Road, Newlands, SOLD
2 Peter Button Pl, Johnsonville, SOLD
78a Sheridan Terrace, Johnsonville, SOLD
21 Comber Place, Johnsonville, SOLD
16 Birch Street, Johnsonville, SOLD
3 Atua Street Johnsonville, SOLD
30 Mark Ave, Paparangi, SOLD
116 Nicholson Road, Khandallah, SOLD
148 Fraser Ave, Johnsonville , SOLD
127 Newlands Road, Newlands, SOLD
79 Dress Circle, Newlands, SOLD
7 Cheetwood Street, Churton Park , SOLD
93 Maungaraki Rd, Korokoro, SOLD
76 Cortina Ave, Churton Park , SOLD
23A Caesars Place, Churton Park , SOLD
10 Portmore Pl, Grenada Village, SOLD
24 Jasmine Grove, Maungaraki, SOLD
74 Dowse Drive, Korokoro, SOLD
977 Makara Road, Makara, SOLD
36 Mahinawa St, Porirua, SOLD
23 London Road, Korokoro, SOLD
7 Anthony Street, Tawa, SOLD
2 Bancroft Tce, Newlands, SOLD
34a Bowes Cres, Strathmore Park, SOLD
247 Mark Ave, Grenada Village, SOLD
30 Nether Green Tce, Johnsonville - SOLD
10 Flinders Place, Johnsonville - SOLD
6 Portmore Pl, Grenada Village - SOLD
3 Loasby Cres, Newlands - SOLD
2 Warren Street, Paparangi - SOLD
19b Woodland Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
29 Comber Place, Johnsonville - SOLD
101 McLintock Street, Johnsonville - SOLD
9 Becker Way, Karori - SOLD
35 Dress Circle, Newlands - SOLD
10 White Pine Ave, Woodridge - SOLD
20 Cresswell Place, Johnsonville - SOLD
23a Sunhaven Drive, Newlands - SOLD
7 Nether Green Cres, Johnsonville - SOLD
59D Tarawera Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
75a McLintock Dr, Johnsonville - SOLD
93 Ross Street, Lyall Bay - SOLD
37 Sunhaven Drive, Newlands - SOLD
17 Dress Circle, Newlands - SOLD
13 Te Kiteroa Gr, Churton Park - SOLD
41 Woodland Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
65B Horokiwi Road W, Newlands - SOLD
24c John Sims Drive, Broadmeadows - SOLD
222 Mark Ave, Grenada Village - SOLD
6a Tarawera Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
121 Ironside Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
11 Barclay Street, Newlands - SOLD
195 Newlands Road, Newlands - SOLD
26a Black Rock Road, Newlands - SOLD
18 Paparangi Cres, Paparangi - SOLD
9 Warrington Grove, Newlands - SOLD
93 McLintock Street, Johnsonville - SOLD
54 Dress Circle, Newlands - SOLD
7 Morpeth Street, Johnsonville - SOLD
36 Cuba St, Petone - SOLD
38 Cuba St, Petone - SOLD
18 Fernhaven Cres, Newlands - SOLD
11 Morgan St, Johnsonville - SOLD
106b Ironside Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
91 Black Rock Road, Newlands - SOLD
8 Fitzpatrick Street, Newlands - SOLD
2c Black Rock Road, Newlands - SOLD
6 Jay Street, Paparangi - SOLD
4a Abilene Cres, Churton Park - SOLD
4 Underwood Ave, Churton Park - SOLD
21 Winsley Terrace, Churton Park - SOLD
19 Peppertree Lane, Woodridge - SOLD
127 Ruskin Road, Newlands - SOLD
24 Saville Row, Newlands - SOLD
31 Turville Crescent, Newlands - SOLD
4 Barclay Street, Newlands - SOLD
17 Horokiwi Road West, Newlands - SOLD
10 Erris Street, Johnsonville - SOLD
68 Glanmire Road, Newlands - SOLD
51A Ohariu Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
128 Trelissick Crescent, Ngaio - SOLD
15 Greer Crescent, Tawa - SOLD
20 Chorley Grove, Churton Park - SOLD
512/35 Abel Smith St, Te Aro - SOLD
17 Tarawera Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
17a Tarawera Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
2 Black Rock Road, Newlands - SOLD
7 Haumia Street, Johnsonville - SOLD
95 Amesbury Drive, Churton Park - SOLD
16a Alder Place, Newlands - SOLD
79 Dress Circle, Newlands - SOLD
29 Catherine Cres, Paparangi - SOLD
45 Phillip St, Johnsonville - SOLD
12 Atamira Cl, Churton Park - SOLD
11 Kingsbridge Pl, Newlands - SOLD
1 Takatimu Way, Johnsonville - SOLD
33 Woodland Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
74 Guadeloupe Crescent, Grenada Village - SOLD
1 Takatimu Way, Johnsonville - SOLD
22 Elliott Street, Johnsonville - SOLD
12 Jane Grove, Paparangi - SOLD
45 Prospect Terrace, Johnsonville - SOLD
11 Quigley Street, Newlands - SOLD
4 Swinford Crescent, Johnsonville - SOLD
12 Nether Green Crescent, Johnsonville - SOLD
60 Chamberlain Road, Karori - SOLD
54 Winsley Terrace, Churton Park - SOLD
105 Black Rock Road, Newlands - SOLD
52 Downing St, Crofton Downs - SOLD
16 Tamworth Cres, Newlands- SOLD
18 Evesham Pl, Johnsonville - SOLD
24 Bennett Grove, Newlands - SOLD
9D/242 Taranaki St, Te Aro - SOLD
4C Jasons Place, Churton Park - SOLD
42a Salford St, Newlands - SOLD
92 Newlands Road, Newlands - SOLD
57a Woodland Rd, Johnsonville - SOLD
57 Woodland Rd, Johnsonville - SOLD
18 Evesham Pl, Newlands - SOLD
24 Earp St, Johnsonville - SOLD
25a Omega St, Newlands - SOLD
86 Jamaica Drive, Tawa - SOLD
4C Jasons Pl, Churton Park - SOLD
7B Woodridge Drive, Woodridge - SOLD
44a Bould St, Johnsonville - SOLD
9D/ 242 Taranaki St, Te Aro - SOLD
30 Nalanda Cres, Broadmeadows - SOLD
5 Hallewell Cres, Johnsonville - SOLD
42a Salford St, Newlands - SOLD
24 Bennett Gr, Newlands - SOLD
105A John Sims Dr, Johnsonville - SOLD
34 Orissa Cres, Broadmeadows - SOLD
30 Nalada Cres, Broadmeadows - SOLD
65 McLintock St, Johnsonville - SOLD
31 Jaunpur Cres, Broadmeadows - SOLD
3 Hillview Cres, Paparangi - SOLD
1 Ruskin Rd, Newlands - SOLD
68 Downing St, Crofton Downs - SOLD
93a Ohariu Rd, Johnsonville - SOLD
63 Mark Ave, Paparangi - SOLD
24 Truscott Ave, Johnsonville - SOLD
17b Fraser Ave, Johnsonville - SOLD
38a Salford St, Newlands - SOLD
19a Comber Pl, Johnsonville - SOLD
154b Newlands Rd, Newlands - SOLD
1 Cedarwood St, Woodridge - SOLD
1/25 Prospect Terrace, Johnsonville - SOLD
41 Salford Street, Newlands - SOLD
5 Bennett Grove, Newlands - SOLD
18 Branscombe Street, Johnsonville - SOLD
93A Broderick Road, Johnsonville - SOLD
320/72 Herald Street, Berhampore - SOLD
132 Campbell Street, Karori - SOLD
4 Rajkot Terrace, Broadmeadows - SOLD
3A Ladbrooke Drive, Newlands - SOLD
3B Ladbrooke Drive, Newlands - SOLD
132 Campbell St, Karori - SOLD
14a Gifford Grove, Churton Park - SOLD
24 Dress Circle, Newlands - SOLD
7 Cotswold Cres, Newlands - SOLD
93a Broderick Road, Johnsonville - SOLD


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